How Does The Entrepreneur’s Stack Compare to EOS: The Entrepreneur’s Operating System?

Both the Entrepreneur’s Stack (eStack) and the Entrepreneur’s Operating System (EOS) offer a variety of tools to help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. But how do these two business management systems stack up when compared against each other? Are there areas where one platform greatly outperforms the other? Let’s take a closer look:

What is The Entrepreneur’s Operating System (EOS)?

EOS is a framework for managing a business that utilizes certified consultants to implement. Developed by Gino Wickman, EOS provides a set of practical tools and processes designed to help entrepreneurs and their teams to focus on the key issues, create clarity, and achieve their goals. The system consists of six key components: vision, people, data, issues, processes, and traction. The intent is by implementing these components, businesses can establish a clear vision, develop a strong leadership team, track key metrics, solve problems efficiently, create effective processes, and execute on their plans with discipline and accountability.

What is The Entrepreneur’s Stack (eStack)?

eStack is a done-for-you software and service that helps entrepreneurs manage and grow their businesses by enabling entrepreneurial companies the ability to manage their business by the numbers. The eStack is designed to help team members identify and prioritize actions that need to be taken in their business by identifying the critical metrics for an entrepreneurial business. It does this through the use of proprietary software to track and display a company’s metrics, all backed by a team of Stacking Specialists who manage, monitor, and enter all the metrics weekly.

Benefits of the eStack

The eStack is designed to help entrepreneurs win by giving them the data they need to execute their vision and goals with their team. It does this by concentrating on the key metrics that drive those areas most critical to the business’ success. As these are different for every business and industry, the eStack is designed to align with your business, rather than forcing you to uproot your processes and procedures to make it work.
Because it is a done-for-you software and service, there’s no learning curve involved and tedious path to buy-in. With a setup and launch time of just 30 days from start to finish, the eStack can start tracking relevant metrics and delivering business insights right from the start. This frees up vast amounts of time and resources in that you get the information you need to make actionable decisions, quickly and on-demand.

Money Back Guarantee

The eStack is also backed by a 2X Return on Investment Guarantee. If the platform does not generate a least a 2X or more ROI within 60 days, we’ll refund 100% of your investment. That’s how committed we are to ensuring that the Entrepreneur’s Stack is build to help you achieve radical results and scale your business without limits.

Transparent Pricing

The eStack offers transparent and affordable pricing options for businesses of all sizes. No need to hire third-party consultants to help you maximize your use of the system – when you work with our done-for-you team, everything is included, including entering in all of the metrics that move the needle in your business. This frees up your time, resources and concentration so that you can devote yourself to the task of being an entrepreneur, instead of being a manager and thousands of other things.

Benefits of the eStack and EOS

Both the eStack and EOS truly shine when you consider their respective benefits to your business, including:

Improved Focus

The eStack and EOS have both been designed to allow entrepreneurs the freedom and flexibility to focus on the tasks that will result in the greatest wins, whether they be through higher profits, improved customer experiences, lower team member churn and so on. With better focus comes the ability to achieve more goals more efficiently and quickly than ever before.

Better Communication

The eStack and EOS platforms both allow for improved communication between teams, between departments and between the entrepreneur/owner and those he or she manages. The eStack takes this concept even further by planning out a regimen of meetings where various ideas, progress and problems can be addressed, all the while concentrating on resolving any lingering doubts and minimizing conflicts or time wasted.
It’s this type of synergistic concept of knowing what to expect, being prepared and bringing everything to the table that allows the eStack to nudge out its more well-known competitor in this regard, as the eStack’s limitless flexibility lets entrepreneurs more easily customize it to their needs rather than trying to shape and mold their business around it.

Enhanced Teamwork

With both the eStack and EOS, everyone has the opportunity and freedom to work together, achieving the company’s goals not through rigid silo-like departmentalization, but through collaborative and continuous improvement and innovation. With regularly planned meetings such as EOS’ Level 10 meeting or the eStack’s Scorecard Stack meeting, team members are able to stay aligned and focused while sharing information and addressing issues quickly before they become too large and unwieldy to handle. In working more collaboratively, this also promotes responsibility and accountability between team members. Everyone knows what’s expected of them, what they need to deliver, when and how. There’s a time and place for everything, which helps minimize anxiety and stress and leads to more thorough preparedness and execution.

Key Differences Between the eStack and EOS?

Both the eStack and EOS are designed to help entrepreneur’s manage their business more effectively. However, ther are some substantial differences.

Software and Service Based Solution

eStack is a done for you solution that is based on it’s proprietary software. There is no need for coaching or training. The eStack team cretes, manages, and enters all data into your eStack Scorecards.

Transparent Pricing

Traditional coaching business models like EOS, charge by the hour or the day. eStack pricing is a fixed monthly fee that is mont to month. There is no long-term contract and you can cancel at any time.

Reduced Complexity

eStack is designed around the philosophy that the entrepreneur does not need to learn anything. It is designed to be a simple to implement solution that is up and running in 30 days or less. EOS can take 6-12 months to impliment and require a lot of time and resources to learn, implement and manage.
With the eStack, everything is instantly available and customizable, making it easy for the platform to be personalized to the business rather than vice versa. Because there’s no learning curve, there’s no need to uproot the business’ core functions to mesh with a new system. The eStack allows entrepreneurs to see what’s working, see what isn’t and course correct immediately to focus more on the things that deliver success.


The eStack is business agnostic, meaning it’s designed to work with most any type of business and in fact, thrives on it. Because scorecards and metrics vary greatly from company to company, the eStack is uniquely suited to being moldable and shapeable to fit the needs of the company at any stage of their growth. EOS on the other hand is much more rigid and is best-suited for specific types of businesses.

Can You Use EOS and eStack Together?

You absolutely can, but you don’t necessarily have to. If you enjoy EOS and feel like your company is getting a lot out of it, the eStack will take these concepts and further build on them and refine them at a much lower price point and much lower investment of your time.
With no need for third party consultants and no need to outsource the development of your own custom “operating system”, you save time and money while constantly staying informed of the metrics that matter most to your business. With surveys, meeting structures, charts and “Stack Hacks” to assist along the way, you have the ability to truly learn while you earn, giving you numerous advantages along with a full-fledged business intelligence tool that’s centered around your custom OKRs and primed to deliver maximum wins.